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      Try to use this forum to connect businesses with technical talent to help solve problems. Businesses may not have the time or knowledge to understand technical solutions to their problems. Technical talent, like tech professionals and students, may not have the exposure to encounter various business problems. The platform will connect these two parties, so that they can help each other out.    This platform will allow businesses to anonymously post problems in a public forum, and tech professionals/students can respond anonymously with suggestions. They can then continue to iterate the suggestion on the platform, or indicate that they are ready to meetup and have a deeper discussion. At his point, HKBAW will help coordinate for both parties to meetup at one of our events.   Example: a company is having a problem of keeping track of customer communication, they post the business problem on our matching platform, a number of tech professionals/students see the business problem through our platform, offer suggestions, and suggest them to adopt to some 3rd party existing software with some migration idea. Once both business owner and the tech professionals/students are happy with the proposed solution. They can flag to HKBAW to schedule them in our next meetup event, so they can discuss the solution further.   Example: a Seattle based company have an idea, but doesn’t know if it will work in Asia or Asian demographic. He/She post a question, our Asian community member will respond with opinions. They can optionally meetup at our meetup event for deep dive discussion as well.
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