2019.10.08 – Sheree Wen Re-election Event

Re-election for Sheree Wen Melina City Council

After earning her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in engineering, physics and statistics, Sheree joined IBM where she made vital contributions to the first high-speed MIP mainframe computers.

Sheree built her companies and factories in the United States and Asian countries; has designed, developed, and manufactured pace-setting products with IBM, AT&T, Unisys, Wen, and other brands; distributed through Walmart, Sam’s Club, OEM brand stores, and various distributors worldwide. She has performed major contracts with federal, state, and local governments.

Sheree served as The United States National Commissioner to UNESCO, and currently as President of UNESCO Washington. Sheree currently serves on several boards including Washington State Arts Commission, SIFF, UW Library and the PSRC Economic Development Board. In the past she served on local boards of PNB, Act Theater, WA First Robotic, and King County Emergency Management. She is the Chairperson of various IEEE-USA Committees, Women in Engineers, and the Computer Society in the greater Seattle area.

Sheree was awarded as the Scientist of the Year and a Gold Medal by AIME. She was NASA’s top woman supplier. She received the “Excellence” award from the United States Small Business Administrator and was featured as the top woman entrepreneur by The New York Times, and the 20th Century Asian professional women by Japan Asahi News. The YWCA, Westchester, NY named their women resident as DR. Sheree Wen Sister’s village.