Greetings from your board member,

Antonio Sánchez PhD:
Greetings friends and members of HKBAW,

HKAW provides an excellent, effective and very useful vehicle for building meaningful business and educational relations that are of benefit to the Chinese American community and to Hong Kong and Greater China.

See you soon,
– Antonio Sánchez Ph.D.
Board Member



Upcoming Events

Bamboo Circle Celebration

The Seattle Chinese Garden Board of Directors is planning an evening celebration at the Spring Courtyard to honor and thank long-time Bamboo Circle members and welcome new members. Mark your calendar!
Thursday, August 3, 2017 ~ 6:30 – 8:30 PM





 HKBAW Summer Picnic

You are invited to HKBAW Summer Picnic! Come and join us to enjoy the great food and beverage under the heat at Seattle Chinese Garden! Kites is provided for you, friends and family for fun.
Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 12pm
RSVP preferred, please contact Benjamin Lee (206)465-9888 for more details.





HongKong Forum

Did you know? Hong Kong Forum is just around the corner.. we have discounts from our airline partners, Delta Air Lines, and hotel partners in Hong Kong, Regal Hotels International.

Key Highlights:
05-06 December Hong Kong Forum
06-08 December Expo – Smart Business Expo : SME and startup

To see more details:
Discounts from our partners forthcoming!


Past Events

National US Hong Kong Business Association Caucus on 23 JUN 2017:

Officials and representatives from Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, Hong Kong Trade Development Office and Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide presented, along with 7 of the member chapters across the Nation attended.
Key highlights from the office of Hong Kong Trade Development Office:

*Hong Kong is still a very attactive a financial center in the region,
*Lok Ma Chau Group Innovatiove center – attract startups from both China and Hong Kong, foster growth,
*Hong Kong’s Advantage – Rule of law, including intellectual property rights and protection for companies.

Recent and upcoming NUSHKBA and association happenings:

*Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s 20th Anniversary – Nation wide!!
*Hong Kong Assoc of Northern California: 22 JUN 2017: Luncheon Program on “Smart Innovations for a Smart City
*Nationwide Monthly Briefings – Coming SEP 2017!!! Members only (Geared for Young Professionals!!)

To find more: Visit or


News in Asia

In the shipping industry lately, Cosco Shipping Holdings Co. is going to merge with Orient Overseas International Ltd. by offering $6.3 billion, owned by former Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa’s family, making China’s Cosco world’s third-largest shipping line. By Bloomberg


Having a downturn in sales of small cars, Ford Motor Co. is moving its Ford Focus production to China, saving the company $1 billion, and will export vehicles from China starting in 2019. By The Seattle Times


China’s first aircraft carrier arrived in Hong Kong for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the army being stationed in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. More than three thousand residents of Hong Kong were able to go onboard for a in-depth visit. By ChinaDaily


Attention to professionals!

HKBAW need your professional skills and guidance! Let us know if you are interested!
Fall 2017 – HKBAW Mentorship Program is Back!

We would like to invite professional recruiters in different fields and areas, to give back to the community, mentor students and young professionals, and provide career advice as a local business leader!  It is a great opportunity for students and young professionals to connect and seek jobs or internships.

Become a speaker or one of the mentors with us! please email us before August 31!

Please send us your brief bios to

Launch date: Late September 2017


Experience from HKBAW Operation Committee

I ended up studying abroad here in Seattle after five high schools and colleges in Maine, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania over the span of six years. To join an organization that is open to have volunteers help create events and provide us real world opportunities to learn from is amazing.

As an outreach marketing assistant intern at HKBAW., I can share my ideas and get respected for diligent work, and most importantly, a belonging I am always looking for.  No matter if we are speaking Madarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, or English, our team members can speak freely as a big family in this team. It is a place where I can share my ideas and got respected on diligent work, and most importantly, a belonging I was always looking for. Thank you to the team, Cynthia, and Homing, providing me the opportunity to stay connected to Hong Kong and mainland China, and strive to be a better person.

— -Yifan (Owen) Wong

Interest to help out or learn more about our association? See how you can participate in our events? email us at



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