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Hong Kong Business Association of Washington, or “HKBAW”, is also previously known as the Hong Kong Club of Washington (HKCW). This is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, first established in 1994 by a group of community-minded leaders who have a common background of upbringings from Hong Kong. HKAW aim to serve by engaging in both business and social activities to enrich people’s lives with the similar interests while increasing awareness of contemporary issues that arise in Hong Kong and China.

「華州⼤中華香港商會」(HKBAW)前⾝名稱是 「華州香港聯誼會」(HKCW). HKCW 是 501(c)(6) 非牟利機構,由⼀群在香港長⼤和有共同背景,熱⼼社區公益的領袖在 1994 年成立,致⼒於透過參與區內商界和社交活動,給有相同志趣的會員有提升⽣活質素的空間,同時增加對香港和中國社會時事、新事物的認識。

Successful transpacific partnerships and economic development between Greater China, Hong Kong, and Washington State.



Hong Kong – Greater China Business Association of Washington is dedicated to meaningful business engagement and the development of bilateral business opportunities that enhance local businesses, trading partners, and stakeholders.